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domingo, 1 de septiembre de 2013

Interview to Kaichiroh Kurosu of Cherry´s Company

Kaichiroh Kurosu of Cherry´s Company
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Interview to Kaichiroh Kurosu of Cherry´s Company:

When BMW propose you the project about new R Nine T, What did you think about? Were you afraid of the idea of custom a new model?

"First I wasn´t sure if I can custom the newest BMW because I´m customising the H-D always and I was also felt pressure that it was chosen from among the many builders. And then, it was also anxiety that the newest model don´t have reference examples and materials."                                     

What was the first thing you think when you saw the motorcycle for the first time? Did you be inspired immediately when you saw it? Or Did you think that it would be a challenge that would 
need so many hours of previous work?

"I was surprised to size when I saw it at the first time. It was so small. In my image BMW is the huge. I was not able to image the custom style immediately. So, I tried to fit the style of the past I made. However, those did not go well. That´s why I have to create a new custom style. It nobody has ever seen it. It was the most difficult."

BMW has always been a brand who pays attention to the details thinking in the final user and thinks about the final riding experience. It was a handicap?

"It was not a handicap. The R Nine T was simple structure considering the development of the custom."

BMW gives you absolutely freedom in his design and construction for that project, it was more difficult that work with a customer’s previous ideas?

"This time it was so difficult we don´t have fixed customer. I always had customized custom for the customer always. It´s very important for me that it´s custom for anyone. I was puzzled how should I work for whom."

When the motorbike was in the workshop. What was the first thing you start to do it? Maybe an outline, disassemble all you knew that you wanted to change or ride the motorbike during several days to be the feeling that the motorcycle gives.

"First of all,,,I was riding."

BMW is an iconic brand set out for a public very demanding in details, were you worried about the answer that regular users would have after they see your model?

"I was worried about how get that the customers accept it."

If you had had more time for the project, would you change anything? It the answer was yes, what things or parts of the motorcycle you would have changed or improves it?

"I want to make a different theme again. I came up with a variety of ideas in the making along the way."

In your opinion which is the most important virtue of the BMW R Nine T?

"It is a body line. It was completed beautiful body line from any angle."

Your "near  future" concept has work perfect. Like Ola Stenegard said, your motorcycle look takes in for a table design of BMW ´30s. When you have the idea for the design did you have to document about BMW historical model or the idea take for at your mind?

"I wanted to make a bike seems BMW anyway. I saw many articles about BMW. We wanted to try to arrange R Nine T the atmosphere of the R 750 record racer. But not as a tribute to the BMW in the past, it is a new and innovative. I myself have done the production work and design of all."

Which were your inspirations for the fairing design?

"This time, there were no consult products from anywhere basically."

You mention that electric motorcycles are the future and, in my opinion your model could hide an electrical engine inside. Would you like a BMW electrical stock model based in your motorcycle?

"I want to try it."

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