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domingo, 1 de septiembre de 2013

Interview to Hideya Togashi of Hide Motorcycles. BMW R Nine T Project Japan

Hideya Togashi of Hide Motorcycles

Interview to Hideya Togashi of Hide Motorcycles:

When BMW propose you the project about new R Nine T, What did you think about? Were you afraid of the idea of custom a new model?

"I had not experienced custom for the  BMW Motorrad, but did not worry about it. And  I was very happy. Because I received an offer from the manufacturer(BMW Motorrad). but I was also felt pressure at first. How can I arrange the electrical system of the latest BMW, it was the only concern."

What was the first thing you think when you saw the motorcycle for the first time? Did you be inspired immediately when you saw it? Or Did you think that it would be a challenge that would 
need so many hours of previous work?

"I felt it can become cool from first. At first, I remove the exterior and think the directionality of the custom while watching it. Frame of RnineT was a shape I've never custom until now. I think the challenge is prepare the body balance."

BMW has always been a brand who pays attention to the details thinking in the final user and thinks about the final riding experience. It was a handicap?

"No it wasn't. I didn't feel a handicap. I avoid that it becomes difficult to ride by the custom."

BMW gives you absolutely freedom in his design and construction for that project, it was more difficult that work with a customer’s previous ideas?

"There was no special thing for me. Basically, I do not shape as it is the order of the customer. Customers decide the approximate shape of, and they are leaving to the rest to me."

When the motorbike was in the workshop. What was the first thing you start to do it? Maybe an outline, disassemble all you knew that you wanted to change or ride the motorbike during several days to be the feeling that the motorcycle gives.

"I removed the exterior after riding to the street and winding and circuit. I was watching the machine without the exterior over a period of days, I have examined the direction of the custom."

BMW is an iconic brand set out for a public very demanding in details, were you worried about the answer that regular users would have after they see your model?

"There was no worry about anything."

If you had had more time for the project, would you change anything? It the answer was yes, what things or parts of the motorcycle you would have changed or improves it?

"I went all out."

In your opinion which is the most important virtue of the BMW R Nine T?

"Full Fairing. I wanted to build it for a long time before."

Your Harley Davidson customs are internationally famous. Was a challenge for you work with a BMW?

"I am thinking Custom is a challenge always. I had not customized BMW Motorrad ever before. Therefore everything was the challenge."

In my opinion your BMW R Nine T looks like a racing motorcycle of ´70s. Did you inspired by in this style or simply the ideas appear?

"I have feedback the racing machine of 60 to 70's. Although it is a custom style that I wanted to do since before. However,  When based on the HD, it is difficult to realize.  So I have challenge this time."

The head covers look minimalist and retro. It gives a particular look that coincides with the style of the motorcycle. Did you know at first time that you will remove it or happens during the building process?

"I have the image of a racer style which had a full fairing at first. I understood the structure of the BMW Boxer Engine which protrude cylinder-head-covers from the fairing. So I was going to make the cylinder-head-covers in retro design from the beginning."

BMW R Nine T by Hideya Togashi Gallery

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