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martes, 2 de junio de 2015

Interview to Roland Sands “Project 156”. Pikes Peak Victory Motorcycle

Interview to Roland Sands “Project 156”. Pikes Peak Victory Motorcycle
Roland Sands of RSD
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Interview to Roland Sands “Project 156”

First things first. How did the project come about? Is Victory put in contact with you or you offered them?

"Kyle Clack from Victory came to us with the project in December of last year."

You are a famous Custom motorcycle builder, and also was racing driver. But the design of motorcycle racing is something different. How does it feel being on the other side?

"I like it. I’ve always thought purpose built race bikes were beautiful, so to me there is little difference in custom vs. race. They both take a huge amount of detail and effort to do right."

In a nutshell, how do you define “The Project 156”? And the bike?

"All American purpose built hill climber that’s angry, aggressive and also somehow captivating visually."

Work with a prototype is always exciting. But the freedom to design a chassis and auxiliary elements from scratch is hard work and more with so little time. Where do you start a job like that?

"We start with geometry and go from there. The motor dictates certain things we had to design around. So once we had the hard points we laid out the proper geometry and put our heads together to achieve a functional bike that also looked cool."

For a race like Pikes Speak with 156 curves I imagine that the handling and ergonomics are key to have good result. Is this correct?

"Of course. It’s a road racer, it’s got to handle well and give the rider confidence. That’s the number one thing, a happy rider who feels comfortable pushing the machine and proper ergonomics make that happen."

The frame that you have designed will the basis for Sport Street Victory motorcycle or only built exclusively for this race? And what about the swinging arm?

"It’s strictly a concept race bike. That’s as far ahead as I have thought. The swing arm is off a Panigale. We had very little time, so we utilized some things we knew would work well."

Another important aspect of this project is the new engine Victory. Even as a prototype, Is it true that derives from the Indian Scout? On the other hand what aspects (mechanically speaking) have had to be taken into account when climbing up to 4300 m above sea level

"It’s a prototype of a Victory motor, that’s as much as I know. Mechanically, you need a powerful but reliable motor and good motor management to deal with the altitude. Having it be lightweight is an added bonus."

In the first test, leaving aside the own errors of a prototype model, what sensations transmitted the bike? Are you happy with the result obtained in the test?

"We were very happy. I was the first one to test the bike and I was immediately comfortable and able to push the chassis and tires. That’s a great feeling, knowing a prototype chassis does the job, because there aren’t to many major changes you can make to fix it if it’s really off."

It was a shame to suffer a crash in the race, but racing is like that. As a pilot you know that well. Anyway you got the 2nd fastest time of the day. Are you happy with the results?

"Don road a hell of a race even with the lowside. To of achieved 2nd fastest time of the day in the a few of the sections… that says a lot about what could of happened. But that’s racing and shit happens. I think we will be back next year anyway."

And finally. Would you have liked to ride the bike in the race?

"Yes and no. I was jealous a bit. A road like that, with no police and no speed limits or oncoming traffic is a road racers wet dream. Of course you add in the competition and timing and things get serious real fast. When Sorenson died on Thursday on the top section it was a real reality check for everyone. So at that time I was relieved I wasn’t racing, I just had a baby girl three weeks ago and that’s far more important to me that racing motorcycles. But yea… I would of liked to of raced."

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